Prima Goup
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Our value added food products bring nutrition to the nation with noodles, poultry and bakery goods.



The Company introduced imported hybrid seeds to local cultivators for growing maize as a cash crop in the dry zone.  This was supported by educational programmes for more than 25,000 farmer families, on the management and operation of this project.

It also established seed distribution centres offering advisory and training facilities, to contribute to the development of the agro-industries sector of the nation. To date, more than 60,000 acres are under cultivation during the Maha season alone, through CAI. We facilitate credit facilities and crop insurance and most importantly, a buy back guarantee for the farmers’ crops.

The multi-faceted operations of CAI has provided employment to and improved the lives of thousands of rural families and assisted in the development and growth of the food industry of the economy.  This has provided a significant contribution towards the well being of the nation.

Concurrently, through the marketing of its wide range of wholesome, nutritious and versatile food products, it has contributed to the nutritional requirements of the nation, bringing home the goodness to all Sri Lankan families.