Prima Goup
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Our value added food products bring nutrition to the nation with noodles, poultry and bakery goods.


Bakery Raw Materials

Prima also offers a popular range of bakery ingredients other than flour. Through an island-wide distribution network of dealers, Prima makes available Bakery Margarine, Prima Dough Fat, Tulip Yeast, Gold Vega Yeast and Vega Instant Yeast. In addition to the retail sector, Prima also caters to the demand from institutional customers. Our product range for manufacturers of bakery products and the hotel industry meets their needs and provide a convenient service. All these products are essential to the industry and are manufactured to the highest standards of quality.
Bakery Product Range
Bakery Margarine   Prima Dough Fat
Tulip Yeast   Gold Vega Yeast
Vega Instant Yeast