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Maize Programme

Pioneering the introduction of hybrid maize seeds into the country since 1998, Ceylon Agro Industries has been an agent for progress in this agriculture sector in Sri Lanka. CAI has supported Chena farmers with a package including high quality seeds, fertilizer, farming advice and importantly, and a buy back guarantee for the crop. The company has also provided assistance through facilitating credit to farmers at low interest through banks and crop insurance schemes.

With these facilities and other support, including improved technology provided by company field extension staff, farmers have been able to double their yields of maize. Average yields have been reported to have reached over 5mt/ha. Over the following years, the technology introduced by CAI was adopted by farmers in all Dry Zone districts of Sri Lanka. Last year more than 50,000 ha of maize was grown by over 60,000 farmer families with seeds supplied by the company during the last Maha season alone, constituting 80% of the entire crop grown in the country.

The maize farmers who took advantage of the CAI farmer programmes over the years are now enjoying a better standard of living while simultaneously contributing to the increased maize production in the country.

Ceylon Agro Industries plans to intensify the programmes in the present areas as well as extend them to the newly opened areas of the Eastern and Northern Provinces. The company hopes to boost the livelihoods and living standards of the farming community in these areas and at the same time increase the domestic production of maize, with the aim of achieving self sufficiency.