Prima Goup
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Our value added food products bring nutrition to the nation with noodles, bakery, dairy and processed meat.


Prima Chicken & Value Added Products

Prima Chicken is a high quality, top-of-the-range product which is distributed island-wide as chilled and frozen portions. The optimum standards of storage and hygiene maintained at our plants and throughout our distribution networks ensure that our products stay fresh and tasty so that our customers receive them at their best.

This same high quality Prima Chicken meat is processed into our Prima Chicken value added products. These include succulent sausages, cold meats, meatballs & burgers prepared to recipes that appeal to our consumers.

The whole value added chicken product range is processed in-house using Prima Chicken meat to the most stringent quality controls, at our ultra modern plants. Prima’s commitment to excellence has been recognised and rewarded with the HACCP & Halal certification.
Prima Treats Value Added Meat Products
Sausage Range
Chicken Sausages-250g   Chicken Cheese & Onion Sausages-300g
Chicken Bockwurst-390g   Chicken Chilli Kicks-250g
Chicken Chilliwurst-390g    
    Chicken Garlic Sausages-250g
    Chicken Celebration Pack-250g
Chicken Meatballs-200g      
Marinated Chicken Range
Marinated Chicken Drumsticks-500g   Marinated Chicken Thighs-500g
Marinated Chicken Wings-500g      
Crumbed Range
Chicken Nuggets-250g   Chicken Fingers-250g
Chicken Drumsticks-300g   Cheese Chicken Kievs-240g
Chicken Slice Range
Chicken Ham-150g   Smoked Chicken Breast Slices-300g
    Chicken Bacon-165g
    Chicken Burger Patty-250g
Canned Range
Canned Chicken Meat Ball Curry-400g   Canned Chicken Curry with Potato-400g
Products for Food Service
Catering Sausages
Hot Dog Sausages
Smoked Spicy Chicken
chicken strips
Chicken Roasted
Red spicy Chicken
Chicken Breakfast Sausage
Chicken Paprika Motadella
Beer Stick
Chicken Roll
Ham Blocks
Chicken Meat Loaf
Chicken Roll
Chicken Lunchen Meat
In addition, we also provide:

Catering Sausages – 500g, 1kg
Hot Dog Sausages – 1kg
Chicken Burger – 600g, 1kg
Chicken Corn – 500g, 1kg
Chicken Wings – 500g, 1kg
Chicken Ham – 1kg
Chicken Bacon – 1kg