Prima Goup
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CGE has diversified from feed milling to related ventures; chiefly poultry farming and poultry products, veterinary vaccines, poultry equipment and pet food.


Broiler Farming and Processed Chicken

Broiler farming and processed chicken is another significant part of the Group’s business and brings in about 25% of Group turnover.

An ongoing restructuring and upgrading of our broiler farming and processed chicken segment has been continued with emphasis on increasing productivity and improving farm management. The broiler farm take day old chicks from the breeder farms and grow them into adult, 45 day old chicken.

Over the next two years, the Group plans to improve its commercial broiler operations at the Bulathsinhala Farm. This will be part of an overall restructuring and modernising programme which will be vigorously launched to maximize productivity. The company is committed to improving conditions in its farming operations and increasing productivity overall to ultimately benefit its customers.

Ceylon Grain Elevators take the threat of the periodic resurgence of avian influenza extremely seriously and has taken all precautions at all its farms. The management continues to enforce strict-bio controls with farmers and outgrowers. The Group conducts educational programmes for farmers to make them aware of the modern methods available to protect their livestock and therefore its customers from the threat of this disease. The company also liaison with the Live Stock Ministry to ensure any impact due to the spread of this disease, if any is minimised.