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CGE has diversified from feed milling to related ventures; chiefly poultry farming and poultry products, veterinary vaccines, poultry equipment and pet food.


Feed Milling & Farming Operations

Being the core operating segment of CGE, Milling and farming is comprised of milling of poultry and other animal feeds operation and processing of poultry meat. As the preliminary component in the poultry integration process, feed milling operation warrants a higher consideration in the company's concern towards maintaining quality since it impacts the performance of rest of the poultry integration process including the end products of chicken meat and table eggs. Adhering to the highest standards throughout the supply chain, maintaining effective feed formulation with the available raw materials and continuous improvements in quality of feed is key to the success of the segment.

The feed mill enjoys a unique advantage by being strategically positioned in close proximity to the Colombo port. This facilitates the smooth and efficient transfer of imported raw materials from overseas to the silos directly, thus saving precious time & cost while maintaining the desired quality.