Prima Goup
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CGE has diversified from feed milling to related ventures; chiefly poultry farming and poultry products, veterinary vaccines, poultry equipment and pet food.


Product Range

We offer animal feeds for Poultry, Cattle, Horse, Swine and fish Categories. Products are available in Mash, Pellet and Crumble forms depending on the requirement of the animal.

Feed Range

Horse Feed:      

Horse Feed -25Kg (Pellet)
Cattle Feed:        

Cattle Feed - 50kg & 25kg (Pellet)
Swine Feed:        
SwineFeed1   SwineFeed2   SwineFeed3

Super Pig Starter - 50Kg (Mashed)

Super Grow Pig Plus - 50Kg (Mashed)

Super Sow Plus - 50Kg (Mashed)
Poultry Feed:        

Chick Starter - 25Kg (Crumble)
Layer Feed:        
layerfeed1   layerfeed2    

Layer Feed - 50Kg (Crumble)

Layer Grower - 25Kg (Crumble)
Breeder Feed:        
breederStarter   BroilerBreeder   BroilerBreederDeveloper
Breeder Starter - 25Kg (Crumble)
Broiler Breeder -25Kg (Mashed)

Broiler Breeder Developer - 25Kg (Mashed)
LayerBreeder   LayerBreederDeveloper    
Layer Breeder - 25Kg (Mashed)

Layer Breeder Developer - 25Kg (Mashed)
Farmer’s Choice        
Chick Feed:   Layer Feed:   Broiler Feed:
FarmersChoice1   FarmersChoice2   FarmersChoice3

Chick Booster - 50Kg (Crumble)

Layer Feed - 50Kg (Mashed)

Broiler Finisher - 50Kg (Pellet)

Chicken Range

Chicken Meat:        
WholeChicken   WholeChickenwithoutGilbetNeck   WholeChickenSkinless
Whole Chicken

Whole Chicken without Gilbet & Neck
Whole Chicken Skinless
PreCutWholeChicken   HalfChicken   QuarterChicken

Pre Cut Whole Chicken

Half Chicken

Quarter Chicken
Chicken Parts:        
ChickenBreast   ChickenCurryPieces   ChickenDrumsticks

Chicken Breast

Chicken Curry Pieces

Chicken Drumsticks
ChickenWings   ChickenWholeLeg   ChickenPrecut700g
Chicken Wings
Chicken Whole Leg

Chicken Precut Parts - 400g/700g

Vaccines & Day Old Chicks


We are sole Agents for :

AviPro Live and Killed Poultry Vaccines    
Lohmann & Hyline Parent Stocks    
lohaman   hyline