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CGE has diversified from feed milling to related ventures; chiefly poultry farming and poultry products, veterinary vaccines, poultry equipment and pet food.

Three Acre Farms

Three Acre Farms provides selective breeding, hatching and sale of commercial day old chicks, both broiler (for chicken meat) and layer (for the production of table eggs). The company has two fully owned subsidiaries: Ceylon Pioneer Poultry Breeders Ltd (CPPBL) which operates a grandparent farm and Millennium Multibreeder Farms (Pvt) Limited (MMFPL) which employs advanced technology farming. The company’s farms produce broiler chicken and table eggs according to market demand.

CPPBL’s grandparent poultry farm imports grandparent day old chicks and after careful high-technology breeding, vaccination, feeding and selection will hatch fertilized eggs after 6 months which when hatched will give rise to parent day old chicks (DOC).

The Company’s poultry breeder farming operations are a significant aspect of the Group’s operations, with CGE’s breeder farms maintaining solid standing partnerships with poultry processors.

CPPBL holds the valuable sole franchise for “LOHMANN INDIAN RIVER” parent stock breed from the US and UK. CGE/TAFL also holds the franchise in Sri Lanka for the “HY-LINE” breeds of commercial layers also from the US. The farm produces layer chicks for rearing to other farms.

The company currently runs three poultry breeder farms located in Meegoda, Kosgama and Halwahura, where it operates the commercial farming of grandparent and breeder Farms. The grandparent farm produces parental stock (PS) DOC. The breeder & hatchery farms produce commercial DOC for broilers and layers. The layer chicks are further differentiated into White and Brown DOC. All these DOCs come from different grandparent chicks and hence different farm houses.

CPPBL’s fully owned subsidiaries, Ceylon Pioneer Poultry Breeders Limited operates from Aswatte and Makuluwatte. While Millennium Multibreeder Farms (Pvt) Limited has its facility in Wevalpanawa. The Aswatte and Makuluwatte farms are located on the main Colombo-Avissawella Road. The Halwathura Farm is constantly upgrading its farm infrastructure to international standards.