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Our Training and Development programmes are run at modern facilities to provide opportunities to the underprivileged.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Prima Ceylon

The CSR work of Prima Ceylon focuses on several projects based on training and development.

Daniyagama Computer Training Centre
This facility provides access to computer training courses to employees and their families, and is subsidised by the company, through a third party service provider, IDM.  At the centre the following
comprehensive courses are offered:

    Children - History and Introduction (Age 7-13)
    Helps students gain valuable technology skills while reinforcing core curriculum concepts. They will learn to use technology applications as problem solving tools for class room projects, such as: Mathematics, Language Art & Communication, and Social Studies Science & Technology.

    Basic - Computer Basic and Principles (“O” Level students)
    Students will learn the Fundamentals of Information & Communication Technology (FICT), Introduction to Windows & Packages, and Language & Communications.

    Diploma - Web Development, Programming Basic & Techniques (“A” Level students and above)
    Learn about Programming Theory & Practice (PTP) with Visual Basic (VB), and Introduction to Web Development (HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver)

Baker Training Seminars
Prima Ceylon runs Baker Training seminars with the objective of raising the standards of the local baking industry through the promotion of proper baking practices and techniques; introducing new product varieties; trouble-shooting common baking problems.

Bakery Development Programme
This programme was introduced to provide financial assistance for impoverished bakers to upgrade their facilities and equipment.

Sponsorship of Musical Talent
To commemorate the occasion of the change in the operational status of Prima Ceylon Ltd from Build-Own-Transfer to Build-Own-Operate on 20 June 2001, the Company sponsored a Musical Talent Development Programme. This was to provide financial assistance to a young deserving and aspiring Sri Lankan musician to build on his/her musical talent through music education at a renowned international institution.

The total sponsorship amounted to US$150,000.00 and was awarded to 16 year old Eshantha Pieris, chosen by a panel of qualified judges from the short listed promising applicants. This award enabled Eshantha to enter New York University to study music, from where he graduated in January 2006 with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano.

Prima’s 25th Anniversary Scholarship Fund
In commemoration of Prima’s 25th Anniversary, a Scholarship fund was established with the main objective of providing assistance to children of Prima Group employees for their undergraduate studies. A Foundation was incorporated to administer this Scholarship Fund with an initial contribution of S$250,000.00. The scholarships are awarded annually to children of permanent employees of the Prima Group, currently studying or enrolled for any full-time undergraduate course of study in a recognised tertiary educational institution. Since inception, a total of 19 scholarships for local study and 6 for study overseas have been awarded. Selection is based on the performance, conduct and number of years of service of the parent and the attainment of a consistently high standard of academic performance by children.

Tsunami Rehabilitation
Prima Ceylon initiated three Tsunami Rehabilitation projects which have concentrated on the following areas.

    • To provide financial assistance to tsunami affected employees and families to reconstruct their homes
    • To provide food to affected communities in Trincomalee and southern areas
    • To provide financial assistance to bakers who lost their bakeries and equipment, to restart their business by reconstructing their bakeries, purchase equipment and supply free flour for the initial period to generate cash flow for their business