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Good food can’t be kept secret for long and people want to know what Prima is cooking up next!


Colombo now get a Taste of "True Singapore Cuisine" With opening of Prima Taste Restaurant


COLOMBO 24 March 2008

For those residents of greater Colombo who wish to get a taste of what Singapore food is, the opening of Prima Taste restaurant in Rajagiriya which offers an extensive menu of authentic Singapore cuisine, will surely delight diners.

Singapore food reflects the rich mélange of diverse culinary influences and traditions first brought to this tropical island decades ago by early immigrants from China, Europe, the Malay Peninsula and the Indian sub-continent. The new 273 square metre Prima Taste restaurant in Colombo celebrates the spirit and diversity of Singapore cuisine by bringing together a full spectrum of varying yet distinct Singapore aromas and ingredients gastronomically.

Mr Lewis Cheng, General Manager of Prima Food Pte Ltd, said: “We aim to acquaint the world with Singapore through its food heritage and reinforce Singapore’s international reputation as a food paradise. Prima Taste is synonymous with authentic Singapore cuisine and has already made its mark around the world for its rich tastes and premium quality. Residents living in greater Colombo areas will be in for a culinary treat as they savour Singapore cuisine with all its exquisite flavours.”

Set to whet the appetites of food fans young and old in Colombo, the Prima Taste restaurant offers a comprehensive menu of more than 60 Singapore favourites that range from appetisers, meat and poultry dishes, to seafood, noodles and rice dishes, curries and soups as well as 5 irresistible desserts. The top 10 signature Singapore dishes which are “must-tries” include the Singapore Chilli Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Laksa (rice noodles in spicy coconut broth), Singapore Curry and Satay (spiced barbequed meat skewers) as well as Bah Kut The (For a complete list of the menu, see fact sheet).

This flagship restaurant boasts an elegant ambience with a distinctly Singaporean décor, featuring motifs of Singapore’s national flower – the orchid - and a photomontage of old and modern Singapore on a feature wall. To add to the unique Prima Taste experience, a well designed ‘show kitchen’ will allow the diners to have a glimpse of the cooking activities while savouring the food.

This design concept was specially developed to coincide with the launch of this restaurant and will be applied to all outlets in the Prima Taste restaurant chain.

“Colombo is a thriving metropolis and Sri Lankans are always at the forefront of pursuing new trends whether it is fashion, design or food. As such, we are confident that Prima Taste will be well received in Colombo and the Prima Taste Restaurant will take off in Sri Lanka,” said Mr Cheng. In fact, the opening of Prima Taste Restaurant in Colombo as its very first corporate owned overseas outlets is a testament to Prima Food’s confidence.

About Prima Taste

Prima Taste was launched in 1999 and is managed by Prima Food Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Prima Limited. Established in 1961, Prima Limited’s headquarters is in Singapore, with operations in Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia. The group employs more than 4,000 people worldwide. Businesses within the group include flour milling, feed milling, food manufacturing, food service, F&B franchising baking and culinary education, bakery equipment distribution, information technology, R&D services, trading and investments. In recognition of the company’s enduring success, Prima was named one of Singapore’s Heritage Brands in 2005.

Since its launch, Prima Taste has been lauded for product quality, innovation and design. The master chefs who created the Singapore cuisine in the Prima Taste restaurants have included all the authentic tastes and delicious aromas into ready-to-cook pastes that help users whip up great-tasting Singapore favourites very quickly and easily. Hence, it is no surprise that Prima Taste has won many awards such as the Merit Award for Innovation by the Singapore Institute of Food Science & Technology, as well as the AsiaStar and Singapore Star awards for outstanding products. In addition, Prima Taste is also recognised as a Superbrand and has won accolades from the international media as well as culinary organisation. On top of these, Prima Taste was also named Promising Franchisor of the Year 2006 for its successful franchise model.

Using only premium quality ingredients from around the world and by conducting stringent quality checks on all ingredient supplies, Prima Taste sets itself apart with only the best flavours from its range of constantly expanding range of mains, sides, desserts and dips. “Authenticity and consistency are two key factors that we value in our quest to serve ‘True Singapore Cuisine’ and we will not tweak the flavours of the dishes to suit local taste palates in any country but will be steadfast in maintaining the authenticity of Singapore cuisine through Prima Taste,” added Mr Cheng.

Today, the award winning Prima Taste brand franchise has since progressed and its restaurant franchise operation with 14 outlets spans 9 other cities i.e. Singapore, San Jose, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Vancouver, Ho Chi Minh City, Surabaya, Bandung.

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