Prima Goup
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The first Prima company in Sri Lanka with a core business of wheat flour milling and related activities. It provides dynamic customer services that include the transfer of baking skills and Bakery Support.

Prima Baking Training Centre

Baking Industry Level III

(Intermediate Level of the Diploma)

Course Objectives
To provide students from a wide variety of backgrounds who are interested in obtaining a recognised baking qualification. It builds on the skills and knowledge techniques gained to produce a range of bakery products to a satisfactory standard across Bread, Cake and Pastry Making.
Course Syllabus
• Operate and monitor bakery machines
• Knowledge and function of ingredients
• Processing concepts and techniques
• Mixing procedures and techniques
• Practical baking skills and techniques
• Bakery calculations
• Develop and maintain standards of hygiene, health and safety
• Evaluate quality of bakery products
Course Duration
Full time Bread Module
Full time Cake Module

Full time Pastry Module

17 days (96hrs) Theory 56hrs Practical 80hrs
17 days (96hrs) Theory 56hrs Practical 80hrs
17 days (96hrs) Theory 56hrs Practical 80hrs






Total Theory Hours
Total Practical Hours
Total Hours

3 days per week

3 days per week



Entry Requirement
GCE O’ Level


Certificate in Baking Industry Level 3 will be awarded after obtaining the required pass mark at the prescribed examination.