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The first Prima company in Sri Lanka with a core business of wheat flour milling and related activities. It provides dynamic customer services that include the transfer of baking skills and Bakery Support.

Prima Baking Training Centre

Diploma in Baking

Course Objectives
The Diploma in Baking is competency- based, specially structures and designed for bakers, pastry chefs, bakery supervises or BIL 2 students. The course teaches advanced production techniques and presentation skills at a very high professional level and demonstrates advanced mastery of baking craft. Students are offered extensive practice, utilizing contemporary and classical quality products and advice on how to use these to gain market advantages.
Course Syllabus
The Diploma course comprises of two units:

• Practical Diploma Units
• Compulsory Units

Course Duration

Eight (8) Practical Diploma Units (32hrs per unit)
Two (2) Compulsory Units

total 256hrs
total   56hrs
total 312hrs

Eight Practical Diploma Units
Desserts and Ice Cream Specialities
Chocolate Specialities & Confectionery
Gateaux & Torten
Wedding Cakes
Decorative Sugar Show Pieces
Decorative Bread Show Pieces
Afternoon Tea Fancies
Petits Fours
Content - Desserts & Ice Creams (32hrs)
• Caramel MousseFruit Coulis and Sorbet    Syrup
• Walnut Brittle Parfait
• Gratin of Fresh Fruits with Sabayon
• White Chocolate Mousse
• Lime Mousse
Ice Cream
• Variety of Ice Cream
• Sorbets
• Ice Bobes
• Ice Soufflés – Soufflés Glaces
• Cases, Decorations and Sauces








Content - Chocolate Specialties and Confectionery (32hrs)
• The history of chocolate
• Type of Couverture
• Chocolate Couverture Basics
• Working the chocolate
• Tempering the chocolate
• Coating
• Storage
• Dressed Pralines
• Cut Pralines
• Chocolate Showpiece
• The classical way of mounding a hollow    figure

Content - Gateaux & Torten (32 hrs)
• Spanish Vanilla Cake
• Butter Cream Cakes
• Rich No- Bake Cheese Cake
• Charlotte Royale
• Charlotte Russe
• Marron gateaux
• Croquembouche
• Rehrucken
• Frankfurt Kranz







Content - Petits Fours (32hrs)
• Petits Fours
• Petits Fours Secs
• Petits Fours (Continue)
• Savoury Petits Fours

Content - Decorative Sugar Show Pieces (32hrs)

• Pastillage Showpieces
• Royal Icing – Glace Royale
• Pastillage cut-outs
• Decoration Paste
• Sugar Boiling
• Sugar Casting
• Sugar Pulling
• Sugar Blowing

Content - Afternoon Tea Fancies (32 hrs)

• Oval Vol-au-Vent
• Crème Slices
• Mirleton
• Lemon Tartlets
• Zicka Slices
• Lemon Roll
• Piped Finger Sponge
• Yokshire Curd Tart
• Honey Madeleines
• Othellos (Moor’s Heads)

• Mini Chocolate Royal
• Passion Fruit Rolls
• Truffle Cut Rolls
• Mini Japonais
• Fancy Macaroons
• Almond Macaroons
• Hobelspanne (Wood Shavings)
• Choux Pastry on a light crème Patissiere
• Diplomat Crème
• Mousse with Fruits

Content - Decorative Bread Show Pieces (32hrs)
• Bread Specialities / Bread Show Pieces
• International Breads
• Small Breads
• Sandwiches – Open Faceds and Closed Sandwiches
Content - Wedding Cakes (32hrs)
• Introduction
• Ingredients
• Colours for Cake Decoration
• Royal Icing
• Basic Piping Skills & Inscription
• Floodwork (Runouts)
• Piped Sugar Flowers
• Modelling Flowers
• Lace Work
• Embroidery
• Drop Line Piping or Loops
• Extension Work

Entry Requirement
Baking Industry Level III & Baking Industry Level II certificates


Students who have successfully completed both related theory and practical assessments will be awarded the Diploma in Baking. Each course unit is systematically assessed through a work-based practical assignment showpiece/ project at the final stage of the Diploma.