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The first Prima company in Sri Lanka with a core business of wheat flour milling and related activities. It provides dynamic customer services that include the transfer of baking skills and Bakery Support.

Prima Baking Training Centre

Advance Certificate in Baking

Course Objectives
The course aims, to provide students, Pastry Cooks, Bakery Enthusiast to further develop fundamental skills and techniques with the knowledge in giving them Basic Baking and trade experience. Apply them to a range of advance skills, in all three areas of baking for bread, pastry and cakes. This course is aimed at those who would like to pursue a career in baking as pastry chefs.

Course Structure

• Desserts ( Buffet)
Mousses/ Bavarois/Strudels/ Clafoutis/ Tirami-su / Puddings

• Gateau- Tortes - Module
Baked & cold set cheese cake/ Linzer/ Hollander torte / Gateaux

• Ice Cream - Glaces - Module

Iced Parfaits/ Stracciatella Ice Cream Cassanta / Granita / Sorbert / Vacherins

• Confectionary Module
Sable / Florentine / Meringue / Rochers / Jelly – Bon Bons / Noughats / Gindujas

• Chocolataire Module
Basic Tempering / Ganaches / Truffles / Moulding / Modeling/ Piping skills

• Bread Craft & Premium Breads
Salt dough / Ginger Breads / Milk bread/ Ceremic Dough/ Continental Bread / Rye Bread / Vegee Bread


Course Syllabus
• Knowledge and function of ingredients
• Processing techniques
• Mixing method and procedures
• Piping, finishing and decorating skills
• Bakery production planning and costing
• Develop and maintain standards of hygiene, health and safety
• Evaluate quality of bakery products
• Learn trouble shooting techniques
• Finishing batch bakery products
Course Certifications
Upon successful completion of both theory and practical assessment of the individual course leads to a certificate in Advance baking. To qualify students must submit a satisfactory assessment of evidence to provide their competence in the above.
Course Duration

Six practical modules @ 32 hrs (Total 192)

Buffet Dessertts
Gateau & Torte
Ice and Glace
Bread Craft
- 32 hrs
- 32 hrs
- 32 hrs
- 32hrs
- 32 hrs
- 32hrs







Instructional Medium
Lessons are conducted in English and Sinhala

Entry Requirement

Completion of fundamentals of baking or 2 years experience in baking profession.