Prima Goup
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The first Prima company in Sri Lanka with a core business of wheat flour milling and related activities. It provides dynamic customer services that include the transfer of baking skills and Bakery Support.

Prima Baking Training Centre

Certificate in Cake Decoration

Course Objective
This course aims to provide students with knowledge and skills associated with the art and craft of cake decoration from handling piping skills using creams, icings and chocolate mediums to produce up-market cakes. Each student will be evaluated on project basis.
Course Syllabus
• Basic piping skills and techniques
• Inscription piping using chocolate
• Royal icing piping and flood-in work
• Piped sugar flowers
• Moulded sugar flowers
• Sugar plaque
• Crimper work
• Piped off-lace pieces
• Drop line piping
• Embroidery work
• Flower arrangements
• Cake preparation enrobing with décor paste
• Wedding cake design and layout (3 tier)

Course Duration

Full-time 14 days             (1 day per week)             (112hrs)