Prima Goup
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Prima as a brand is a household word throughout the nation, achieving remarkable market penetration and recognition.

Our Brands

Prima Ceylon

Prima Brand Flour Red

Specially for Cakes and House Hold Use

Mill Brand Flour

Specially for Bread and for other Bakery Requirement

Clover Brand Flour

Specially for Noodles and Premium Quality Bread

Aeroplane Brand

Specially for Biscuits

Carriage Brand Semolina

Specially for Cake and Sweets

Orchid Brand Atta Flour

Specially for Chappathi and Rotti

Prima Brand Flour Green

Specially for String Hoppers, Hoppers, Rotti and Pittu
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Prima Brand Flour Red Carriage Brand Semolina
Aeroplane Brand Clover Brand Flour
Prima Brand Flour Green Orchid Brand Atta Flour
Mill Brand Flour