Prima Goup
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The first Prima company in Sri Lanka with a core business of wheat flour milling and related activities. It provides dynamic customer services that include the transfer of baking skills and Bakery Support.

Prima Baking Training Centre

Certificate Course in Bakery Management/Start your Business (SYB)

This course is designed to provide participants with the knowledge of formal and specific principles in Bakery Management. Participants will learn and understand the fundamental requirements to set-up and manage a bakery effectively.

The course is particularly suitable for bakery owners, bake shop owners, bakery supervisors, National Technical Certificate in Baking students and those who wish to enhance their managerial skills or pursue a career in Bakery Management and Operations.


At the end of this programme participants will be able to prepare their own business plan.
Course Contents
What is a business plan?
Contents of Business plan
Marketing & Marketing Plan
Forms of Business
Staffing, Legal Obligation and Insurance
Financial Planning
Required start-up capital
Sources of start-up capital
SIYB Business Game
The ILO – SIYB methodology will be followed. The training programme includes energizers, business games and participatory activities to make the training programme effective and interesting.

Resource Person
SIYB Licensed Trainers will conduct the programme (2 resource persons).

Course Certification
Participants who have successfully completed the programme will be awarded a certificate.

An evaluation of the daily sessions is obtained from the participants at the end of the day. In addition, a final evaluation is carried out on last day of the programme.

Course Duration
40 hours
The number of participants will be 20.

Instructional Medium
Lessons are conducted in English and Sinhala.

Entry Requirement
Students following diploma modules are eligible.